Our Services

Below is a list of the services we currently offer

Planning and Facility Siting

  • Siting and Linear Routing Studies
  • Feasibility and Strategic Studies
  • Resource Management Plans
  • Land Use Studies and Reports

Environmental Compliance Studies and Reports

  • NEPA Compliance Documentation (EA/EIS)
  • CEQA Compliance Documentation (PEA/Initial Studies/EA/EIR)
  • State Siting Act Compliance (California, 131D; Arizona CEC; etc.)
  • Clean Water Act Sections 401, 402 and 404 Fieldwork and Reports
  • Lake and Streambed Alteration Permits
  • Rivers and Harbors Act Compliance
  • Wild and Scenic Rivers Act Consultation
  • FERC Compliance and Relicensing
  • Ministerial Permitting
  • Expert Witness

Cultural and Historic Resource Management

  • Class I (literature searches)
  • Class III Inventory, Investigation, Survey and Reports
  • Data Collection and Treatment
  • Historic Building and Structures Inventories and Reports
  • HABS/HAER/HALS Reports and Documentation
  • SHPO/THPO Consultation
  • Construction Monitoring and Inspection

Terrestrial Biology

  • Biological Inventories and Protocol Surveys
  • Biological and Botanical Mapping and Characterization
  • Habitat Characterization
  • Wetland Inventories and Jurisdiction Mapping
  • Mitigation Planning and Design
  • Biological Monitoring and Inspection

Right-of-way Services

  • Right-of-way Research
  • Federal and State Right-of-way Entitlement Adjudication
  • Right-of-way and Land Acquisition
  • Property Owner Contact and Negotiation
  • Right-of-Entry
  • Damage Assessment
  • Right-of-way Perfection

Visual Resources Assessments and Simulations

  • Visual Impact Analysis and Inventory
  • Photo Simulations
  • Motion Simulations
  • Viewshed Analysis

Geographic Information Systems

  • Base mapping
  • Overlay analysis
  • Resource and Data Inventory
  • Routing Analysis
  • Remote Sensing
  • GPS Integration

Environmental Construction Monitoring and Inspection

  • Construction Inspection and Monitoring
  • Environmental and Best Management Practices Training
  • Compliance Reporting


  • Reclamation Planning and Design
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Restoration Inspection and Compliance Reporting

Public Involvement

  • Stakeholder Meetings and Outreach Activities
  • Public Meetings
  • Public Open Houses
  • Newsletters and Fact Sheets
  • Press Releases and Media Support
  • Comment Forms and Questionnaires
  • Agency and Public Scoping
  • Public Hearings
  • Door to Door Contact
  • Calling Numbers and Phone Centers

Graphic and Web Design

  • Website Programming and Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
  • Motion and Animation Design
  • Presentation Design
  • Photography